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Pro-Drive Shallow Water Outboards

Pro-Drive Outboards are the inventors, manufacturers and outdoorsmen that brought you the first ever “Shallow Water Outboard” built for hunting, fishing and commercial purposes. Since our beginning, we set out to make the very best quality outboard motors, boats and accessories for our fellow outdoorsmen and that’s a promise we’ve kept.

Pro-Drive is very proud to have been the first in the industry to bring you a shallow water motor with the following features:

  • Surface Drive Propeller
  • Neutral
  • Gear Driven Lower Unit
  • Full Power Reverse
  • A Reduced Propeller to Engine RPM Ratio
  • Hydraulic Power Trim for instant on the fly adjustment
  • A Twist Grip Throttle Control
  • Ease of Operating from a Seated or Standing Position
  • Units with Remote Steering & Power Trim

At Pro-Drive, we manufacturer our own own line of quality built aluminum boats to compliment our motors. Knowing that hunters and fisherman run in areas where they will have to cross logs, stumps and bottoms which can damage the bottom of most light duty hulls and because of its commitment to quality, Pro-Drive constructs all of our boats with 5086 grade aluminum which is 1/8″ thick. With experience from building airboat hulls in the past, we know that in extreme environments, a boat that has ribs running across the width of its bottom tends to buckle in between the ribs. All Pro-Drive Boats now come with a fully flush floor design. Wall to Wall. No side gutters or 2" x 2" tubing above the floor. Custom Built with Marine Grade 5086 Aluminum Sheets, 1" x 1" extrusion welded ribs that run the full length of the boat, then solidly braced with 2" x 2" square tubing, then 1" x 2" rectangular extruded tubing welded over the floor's width every 10" to strengthen the bottom ribs, full floor, and side walls. These materials, combined with our structural design is NOT found in factory produced hulls. All our hulls come with Pro-Drive's new designed T-Rail Gunnel system.