Dual Remote Console Steering Models

Pro-Drive Dual Remote Console Steering Model

Dual Pro-Drive Steering Model Standard Features:

  • Dual Hydraulic Power Trim
  • Dual Auto-Reverse
  • Steering ready
  • (SS) Short Shank 16” Transom
  • (LS) Long Shank 20” Transom

Dual 40 EFI Pro-Drive Console Steering

RSCXX37VAR Dual 40 EFI Auto-Reverse Call for Pricing

Dual 25 EFI Pro-Drive Console Steering

RSCXX25KAR Dual 25 EFI Auto-Reverse Call for Pricing

Dual Remote Steering Kit Package

RS-RK-DUAL Hydraulic Steer Kit Call for Pricing

Kit Includes:
All steering components including steering wheel, Dual Throttle levers and cables, Dual Tach / Hour Meter, Electrical buss bar and all wiring to rig motor. Trim and Rocker switches.

Factory Rigging Dual Remote Single Steer Packages

Factory Rigging      Call for Pricing

Factory Rigging Dual Remote Steer for boats not built by Pro-Drive

Factory Rigging    Call for Pricing

*Additional charges may apply depending on boat configuration.