SBX Series “TD Edition”

New for Fall 2024 Pro-Drive is introducing the SBX Series “TD Edition”.

Over the years customers have asked if the SBX Series was available with our Timber Deck, (aka “Hunt Deck / Step Deck) option and it was not until now. Driven by customer demand here it is.

The “SBX” “TD Edition Models come with all the standard features listed in our X Series and TD Edition with the exception of the 6 gallon gas tank. The SBX “TD Edition” models, come standard with a 14 gallon gas tank.

17 X 4817'48" (1/8")24"
18 x 4818'48" (1/8")24"
17 X 5417'54" (1/8")24"73"
18 X 5418'54" (1/8")24"73"837 LBS
20 X 5420'54" (1/8")24"73"