XRF40 Outboard Motor

XRF40 shallow water outboard motorIt’s been almost 20 years since Pro-Drive designed and introduced the first ever Surface Driven Shallow Water Outboard to waterfowlers.

Since that time Pro-Drive has been quietly making improvements and first time innovations in the market for waterfowlers and fisherman needing to access areas that standard outboards can’t.

From the first ever neutral gear and “Full Power Reverse” on a mud motor to their latest combination model.

Coming this fall Pro-Drive is introducing the first ever Shallow Water Outboard with their current “Full Power Reverse”, (which rotates the lower unit 180 degrees), in a combination with now what they are coining the term “instant reverse”, (convention prop reverse like standard outboards).

From their beginning in 2003, Pro-Drive has been known for their gear driven technology and the only shallow water motor on the market with “Full Power Reverse”. Basically the 4 wheel drive reverse of the mud motor world.

Since that time waterfowlers and fisherman alike, have been asking Pro-Drive for years for an optional conventional prop reverse, for the convenience and lighter tasks of docking, picking up decoys, running jug lines, frogging, etc. but not wanting to give up their Full Power Reverse when needed in extreme conditions. This was quite a task to develop a motor that could do both. After five plus years of trial and error Pro-Drive is ready to release, for the first ever, Instant and Full Power Reverse in one motor.

XRF40 Specs
• Forward, Neutral, and all New Instant Prop Reverse with the flip of a switch.
• Full power (4 wheel Drive Reverse) at the Touch of a button.
• Tiller, Console, or Stick Steer Options
• Speeds up to 29-32 mph
• Weight : 363 lbs.
• 1 Year Pro-Drive Limited WarrantyVanguard EFI 40 HP
• 20/50 Amp alternator
• Stainless steel muffler
• 20/50 Amp alternator
• 993 CC
• 61 Cubic Inches
• 56 lbs. torque
• High RPM rev limiter
• 3 Year Briggs & Stratton Limited Warranty
Standard Features
• Instant Forward, neutral, and Prop Reverse
• Full Power Reverse (Rotation of the Lower Unit 180 degrees)
• Tiller Handle and Brush Guard Design
• Tach / Hour Meter
• Hydraulic Power Trim
• Twist Grip Throttle
• Aluminum and Stainless Construction
• 1-1/8” Diameter Prop Shaft with 1” Hex Prop Profile
• New Designed Skeg and Cavitation Plate
• Gen 5 Lower Unit 1.5 to 1 Gear Reduction

Pro-Drive Outboard Tiller Handle

Pro-Drive Outboard Tiller Handle