Rezilient Self Bailing Boats

ReZilient Boats are heavy duty, aluminum utility boats built with versatility, comfort, toughness, and safety as the leading requirements. These boats can stay on the water day in and day out, rain or shine. Designed and built by Pro-Drive, ReZilient hulls are crafted with a high strength aluminum design and quality construction intended for rough use customers, but with features and options to make your days on the water comfortable and enjoyable.

Virtually Unsinkable

The floor of a ReZilient Boat is engineered to remain above the water line. It is seal welded after the hull is filled with lightweight, closed cell, moisture resistant foam. There is no plug to put in before launching and no bilge pump to turn on during a heavy rainstorm. Taking a wave, working with dogs and decoys, landing fish, and working nets, all bring water into a boat. Any water that gets into a ReZilient Boat runs off the floor and out through 2 large scuppers that are capable of evacuating 60 gallons per minute each. Even if a ReZilient Boat is forced under water, when released it will naturally recover its original floating position within minutes.


ReZilient Boats plane quickly and ride quietly with any workload. The semi-v bottom breaks choppy waves while the foam filled hull absorbs shock and vibration. Available in sizes up to 24 ft long, a ReZilient Boat combined with a high quality Tohatsu outboard is the complete high end package!

Persistent Quality

Designed and built by Pro-Drive, a company that has been involved in the workboat industry since 1991, the ReZilient Boat is not a regular production line aluminum boat. Every build includes many extruded parts that make up a high strength framed hull covered with 1/8 in. 5086 high strength aluminum. The bottom of every ReZilient Deck Boat is 3/16 in. thick. Every building process is closely monitored and it is well understood at Pro-Drive that there will be no compromise!